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Not listed (not available at MAL) manga/manhwa/manhua/etc(novels are down below):
name - chapter currently reading - notes - estimation

Aharoo CH.30 - poor smut, harem, rape scenes with sexy baes and ugly dudes, slavery, violence, fantasy adventure(?) - 5/10
Batou Shoujo (The girl who verbally abuses) CH.47(VOL.1 END) - ecchi with S female lead appealing to reader - ?/10
Blood Rain CH.77 END? - thug life (Dogko continuation) - 6/10
Brawling Go CH.52 Drop? - smut, comedy, unwanted harem, dense manwhore mc - 6/10
Dalbic Jogaksa (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor) CH.100 - vrmmo adventure with bad-ass mc - 7/10
Da Zhu Zai (The Great Ruler) CH.21 - sequel to Battle Through The Heavens, xianxia - 6/10
Demon Spirit Seed Manual CH.65 - ecchi, harem, comedy, otaku in fantasy world - 6/10
Dice - The Cube That Changes Everything CH.187 - "cinderella" story, romance shounen, school, fighting, superpowers - 8/10
Dokgo CH.90 END - op mc vs thugs in high school (pure fighting action) - 6/10
Drug Candy CH.45 END - good smut, seinen, adultery, tension!!!, femdom, awesome yandere - 8/10
Erotic Sensuality & Perception CH.10 - smut, DBZ of sex, sissy manwhore mc - 6/10
The Fairy Captivity CH.23 Drop - boring fantasy-like highschooler adventure - 4/10
Fenglin Tianxia - Wangfei Shisansui (Descent of the Phoenix) CH.21 - reincarnated female op-assassin in fantasy world (xianxia) - 6/10
The Gamer CH.182 (CH. 54 S.3) - "cinderella" fantasy rpg rules in real world, harem, shounen, schoolboy mc - 6/10
Ghost Love CH.46 - smut, seinen, love triangle, ntr, ghost yandere(?) - 6/10
The Girl Next Door (Sun) CH.29 - smut, seinen, love triangle, drama, prostitution, mc looks like retard - 5/10
Greatest Outcast CH.34 - fighting action, schoolboy mc, rape scene - 5/10
Guest House CH.25 END - smut, dense manwhore mc, harem, ntr, poor writing - 3/10
H-mate CH.54 - smut, drama, love polygon, repulsive characters - 4/10
Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse CH.32 END?(sequel is scheduled at the late 2017) - smut, ugly manwhore mc, but harem is good, comedy - 7/10
Hand Play CH.11 - smut, no plot - 5/10
Hero Waltz CH.40.5 END - school, hero-action, drama, romance, annoying characters - 3/10
House of Dolls (LEE Jongkyu) CH.27 END - horror, art is great, adult content, thriller flick - 5/10
Household Affairs CH.61 Drop - smut, MC is slut, ntr, stupidity, the only positive side - yanderes - 2/10
How I stalked some dude
with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword
Vol.5 CH.1 (CH.86) On Hiatus - DQ5 fanfic manga, fantasy adventure, neet becomes hero(?) - 7/10
Ii Orc no Hi (A Friendly Orc's Daily Life) CH.5 - super awesome parody on theme of orcs raping female elves - 7/10
Lilith's Cord CH.45 - smut (but nope: tentacle rape and ntr), fantasy plot - 6/10
Little Girl/She is Young CH.73-END - good smut, seinen, stupid tsundere, love polygon, tangible chars, lovely yandere(sidekick) - 6/10
Love Parameter CH.108 - smut, comedy, tragedy, harem, rape NTR, mc got him stuck in very deep shit - 5/10
Master in my Dreams CH.28 - smut, harem, MC is a piece of shit - 4/10
Maze Age Z CH.26 - reborn in fantasy world, adventure, magic - 6/10
Miss Mystic CH.9 - smut, adultery, author is bullshitting troll and hates MC, MC is horndog/spoiled kid, femdom - 4/10
Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen CH.25 - schoolboy tsundere makes pack with animal girls, unwanted harem - 7/10
Narakarana CH.22 - good smut if not NTR and all kinds of rape, fantasy plot, harem - 5/10
Over Steam CH.70 - good fantasy adventure. was. declining quality, gets boring - 6/10
Perfect Half CH.11 - smut with shitty sissy mc, fantasy, author has dick size complex, rape(not by mc) - 4/10
Red Storm CH.250 - fighting action, superpowers, fantasy, mc building country, hype is awesome - 9/10 ⭐
Refrain Love CH.36 - smut, author is man-hating troll, harem, comedy - 5/10
The Scholar's Reincarnation CH.37 - fantasy fighting, reincarnated badass MC, moe, korean xianxia - 7/10
Shen Yin Wang Zuol (Throne) CH.88 - wuxia shounen, after 60 chapter gets rushed - 6/10
Sports Girl CH.27 END - good vanilla smut but no plot - 6/10
Stalker CH.38 END - ugly stalker dude tries to save child of his love - 5/10
SStudy CH.51 (Season 2 END) - smut, author is troll, beta grows into an alpha-male - 5/10
Sweet Guy CH.75 END - awesome vanilla smut, "cinderella" story, manwhore - 8/10
Tales of Demons and Gods CH.96 - fantasy hero shounen, fighting action, reincarnation, op mc - 7/10
Terror Man CH.37 - (anti)hero seinen, fighting action, schoolboy mc - 6/10
Trinity Wander CH.27 - op mcs from fantasy world kick some asses in sci-fi + a small bit of ecchi - 7/10
Unbalance Triangle CH.29.1 - much stupidity, author is troll, meh smut - 3/10
Valkyrie Agency CH.9 Axed - Freezing - 6/10
Wake up Dead Man Vol.3 CH.11 - great zombie-adventure + romance and drama - 8/10
Wang Pai Yu Shi CH. 57 - high-school fantasy adventure, fighting, xianxia? - 3/10
Wizardly Tower CH.54 - fantasy shounen, op mc teaching youngsters magic - 5/10
A World that I Rule CH.31 - smut, MC is a piece of shit. - 3/10
Why are you here Sensei!? CH.1 - ecchi, comedy - 7/10
Woodman dyeon CH.15 - smut, fantasy, dropped by author - 5/10
Wu Dong Qian Kun CH.32 - xianxia - 7/10
Xian Ni CH.45 - xianxia, wtf is going on? - 5/10
Yaoguai Mingdan CH.157 - fantasy school childish harem - 5/10

Not listed (not available at MAL) novels:
108 Maidens CH.96 - xianxia novel, harem gotta catch 'em all (TL) - 5/10
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite CH.51 - reincarnated in
game, mc fights it's
reincarnator too
and "fate" aka plot to save his loved ones, who are villains of the game (TL)
- 6/10
Dungeon Defense VOL.4 CH.6 (tl continue on aug'17) - psycho MC killing pedestrians and sexing psycho girls while schemingly conquers fantasy world (TL) - 7/10
Green Skin CH.39 - xianxia novel, re:monster - 5/10
History’s Strongest Senior Brother CH.357 - xianxia novel, began as parody but becomes cliche xianxia shit - 5/10
I am the Monarch CH.162 - xianxia novel, kingdom building, story just sucks glorious dick of MC, bromance is deep - 6/10
I Shall Seal The Heavens (ISSTH) CH.842 - xianxia novel, story just sucks virgin dick of MC - 5/10
Jian Ye CH.71 - xianxia novel, slow-paced rags-to-riches(?) story - 6/10
King of the Battlefield CH.107 - xianxia novel, mc necromancer - 7/10
Long Live Summons (LLS) CH.260 - xianxia novel, story just sucks pigshitted dick of MC - 4/10
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending CH.76 (VOL. 4 CH.3) - reincarnated in fantasy rpg, mc fights against game plot to survive and save his loved ones (TL) - 7/10
Possessing Nothing CH.23 - xianxia novel - 5/10
Reincarnated as a Dragon’s Egg CH.109 (slow TL) - evolution, game-like magic, weak to strong, stupid mc, slice of life - 4/10
Release that Witch CH.348 (qidian license approaching) - xianxia novel, slow pace, kingdom building, mc doesn't lift but chills, no harem but harem tease - 8/10
Revolution of the 8th Class Mage CH.57 (TL is stopped?) - xianxia novel, magic duh - 7/10
Tales of Demons and Gods (TDG) CH.436 (Author is dropping it?) - xianxia novel, harem - 6/10
Tales of Reincarnated Lord CH.225 - xianxia novel, slow pace, kingdom building (TL) - 8/10
Villainess Brother Reincarnation CH.23/36 Axed? - mc reincarnated in otome game as brother of villainess and tries to save her - 5/10